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Educating for career and life

Every student in LAS arrives with a passion. And here, that passion is refined, in a program distinguished by its depth, breadth, and emphasis on fundamental skills and cultural understanding. Here, we teach new generations not what to think, but how. Here, we create the pioneers indispensable in the workplace and the arena of ideas.

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Choose from strong programs

The QuadWith nearly 70 fields of study in LAS, the only hard part is choosing one. Students pursue fields as diverse as genetics and international studies. They combine an interest in nanotechnology with a passion for ancient literature. They choose from top-ranked programs in chemistry, chemical and biomolecular engineering, communication, English, history, mathematics, microbiology, political science, and psychology, to name a few. The only limit is their ability to dream.

Real-world experience


Being part of a research team that rewrote the family tree of a wasp would be a noteworthy accomplishment for a graduate student, but for a freshman, the experience can be literally life-changing. It happens in LAS, from students considering a science career, to undergraduates learning that counseling, cross-cultural communication, and community organization skills can improve the lives of others. Internships and undergraduate research opportunities are an invaluable part of education make them more competitive in the job market.

Gain a global perspective

Global Studies in Ecuador

In 1949, LAS introduced Latin American studies—the first international studies major at the University of Illinois. Today, the college offers more than 80 percent of all international instruction on campus, and we're making cultural awareness an essential component of education. Through our Global Studies program, we're bringing the world to U of I, introducing 1,500 freshmen to issues of change and globalization. Through our yearlong and short courses abroad, we're taking U of I to the world, immersing adventurous minds in cultures far different than their own, encouraging new growth and perspectives, and building bridges between cultures that may one day form the foundations of global change.

A place to be outstanding

lab honors students

LAS students have always been high achievers. No more so than today. The average ACT of incoming freshmen is 28.9. LAS students have been recent Critical Language Scholarship, Fulbright Scholarship, and Marshall Scholarship recipients. We've created an environment in which bright students thrive and invent their own futures.