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Information on the LAS Hiring Approval Process

PreSearch Information- Faculty

Overview of Search Procedures- Faculty

Summary Narrative

Tenure Process

  • Requests for Faculty appointments with tenure are processed via HireTouch
  • Review Provost Communication 9 for full information
  • Submit the HT workflow to Paula Hays (College/Unit approver)

Target of Opportunity Program (TOP)

The Appointment Change Form is used for the following circumstances involving current employees: Promotion for Academic Professionals and Specialized Faculty (involves $$), title change, reassignment, transfer. Changes involving Academic Professionals require a PAPE form. Please gather the information outlined in the Appointment Change Form and Instructions and email to before beginning any workflow in HireTouch.

Units should review the LAS Executive Committee Policy for Appointment or Promotion for Speciailized Faculty for information on promotion timelines, deadlines to submit paperwork to LAS Office of the Dean

Administrative Positions for faculty, such as 0% Associate/Assistant Head or Director of Graduate Studies, and can be found here.

The Search Waiver is most commonly used to fill an urgent unit teaching need that cannot be addressed through the normal search process (example- increased enrollment at the beginning of the semester; the scheduled instructor/faculty member/TA has informed the unit a few weeks before classes begin that they cannot teach). Search Waivers also require an HRF. Please review the LAS Search Waiver Overview document for step-by-step instructions on submitting and processing waivers.

Submit the Search Waiver Form via email to before beginning any workflow in HireTouch.

The College of LAS HR office will not require units to submit Academic Hourly job descriptions or Academic Hourly Forms to LAS for review. Please choose a departmental approver for the College approval line. We do expect that all departments use academic hourly positions for temporary or intermittent appointments.

AHR information on academic hourly appointments

Office of Diversity information on academic hourly appointments (page 51)

Campus processing information-

All potential staff (civil service) hiring activity requires the approval of the Dean. Please fill out the Civil Service Hiring Request workflow in HireTouch and forward to Paula Hays for College processing.