College of LAS « Illinois

Offer Letters

All Offers Should Include:

  • Position Title
  • Start Date
  • % FTE
  • Salary
  • Service Basis (9, 10 or 12 service)

Campus Minimums:

Academic Professional and Other Academics

  • 12-month 30,826
  • 10-month 28,023.64
  • 9-month 25,221.27

Specialized Faculty

  • 9-month 43,000 - most common
  • 10-month 47,777
  • 12-month 52,555

Examples of offer letters for all employement categories can be found on the AHR website:

Offer Letters may need to include any of the following specialty items below, use accordingly

New Hire

On or before your first day, you will be asked to present proof of your citizenship and eligibility to work and also complete online new hire forms; our human resources department will contact you after receipt of an accepted offer.

Benefit eligible position with visa status contingency/information

This position includes benefits, information at:,however your specific eligibility will have to be determined upon completing a tax status review appointment to review your current visa status and /or substantial presence. If you do not pass the substantial presence test or do not hold a visa that is eligible to receive benefits, you will be required to obtain healthcare independent of the University and will be required to provide proof of insurance upon hire date.

BOT contingency language - required for all academic positions

This recommendation for appointment is subject to approval by the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois.

Background Checks - language is required for all appointments excluding students (undergrad and graduate)

This offer is contingent upon your successful completion of a criminal background check process in accordance with the University of Illinois Background Check Policy. Following your acceptance of this offer, you will receive an email from . The background check process will not begin until you provide authorization by responding to the email from . Please respond promptly to this request.

You can find the University policy, the Urbana campus Guidelines for Implementation of the Background Check policy and a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) at

NTFC contract - required for all specialized faculty covered by contract

Non-tenure track faculty positions with the job title of INSERT TITLE are represented by the Campus Faculty Association IFT-AFT, AAUP (NTFC). Please be advised that this position is subject to a collective bargaining agreement between the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois and the Non-Tenure Faculty Coalition union. For more information regarding the contract, please go to: .

VAP active contract through 8/15/20 - required for all visiting academic professional appointments

Current Contract with Renewal Letter:

Please be advised that visiting academic professionals are covered by a collective bargaining agreement between the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois and the Visiting Academic Professionals/AAP-IEA-NEA union. For more information regarding the bargaining unit, please see the Association's website,

GEO active contract through 8/15/17 -contract details at

Offer templates at