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Faculty Workshops

All workshops are open to any faculty member, of any rank, and teaching assistants. Lunch is usually provided. We are always looking for feedback and suggestions for new workshops, so please contact us with any ideas you may have.

Please review the catelogue of our workshop videos on Media Space Illinois


Spring 2017 Schedule

All events will take place from 12 - 1pm in room 304 of the English Building

Friday, February 3rd

Friday, March 3rd
Friday, April 7th
Friday, May 5th


Video Games in the Classroom

Friday, February 3rd 12 - 1pm, 304 English Building

Facilitator: Jodi Byrd


It is often difficult to integrate new technologies into the classroom, especially one that is usually considered entertainment. Professor Jodi Byrd discusses the challenges and benefits of using video game technology in the classroom. Whether you have no experience, or have implemented video games in a classroom setting, join the conversation.


Closed-Ended Assessment

Friday, March 3rd 12 - 1-pm, 304 English Building

Facilitators: Christian Ray, Jose Vazquez & Mathew West


As you incorporate emerging technology into your teaching strategies, have you considered how to best assess your students? Although the internet has reduced some of the administrative burden of grading, it may have also increased rates of cheating. This Teaching Academy forum is 1 of a 2 part series in which a panel of faculty will discuss their strategies for closed-form assessments and take questions from the audience. Closed-form assessments utilize multiple choice, true/false, fill-in-the-blank and similar questions to test understanding.


Teaching Online - The Student Perspective

Friday April 7th, 12 - 1pm, 304 English Building

Facilitators: Student Panel


What do students think about learning online? This workshop will bring togethor students, faculty and TAs to share their experiences in online learning envirionments. The goal will be to improve our understanding of the student experience and encourage open discussions between students.


Open-Ended Assessment

Friday, May 5th 12 - 1pm, 304 English Building

Facilitators: Gretchen Adams, Cassandra Rosado & Brenda Wilson


Join part 2 of our faculty panel series to discuss open-ended assessment strategies (essays, discussions, projects, etc.), and thank the outgoing director, Dr. Jose Vazquez, for his work in the Teaching Academy. As we continue to incorporate computer technology into the classroom, it has made cheating on traditional closed-form assessments (multiple choice, etc.) more easy. Although there are many benefits to giving students more autonomy, there are alos many pitfalls. We will discuss questions such as: Do ope-assessments better prepare students for the workforce? How do you best implement open-assessments? What pifalls are there?