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Faculty Workshops

All workshops are open to any faculty member, of any rank, and teaching assistants. Lunch is usually provided. We are always looking for feedback and suggestions for new workshops, so please contact us with any ideas you may have.

Please review the catelogue of our workshop videos on Media Space Illinois


Spring 2018 Schedule

Friday, February 2nd

Friday, March 2nd

Thursday - Saturday, April 5th - 7th

Friday, April 13th
Friday, May 4th


What's Your Style?

Friday, February 2nd, 12-1pm (#3057 Lincoln Hall)

Facilitator: Dan Steward


An interactive workshop during which participants determine their own teaching styles using various questionnaires and other tools. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) as some of these tools are online.


Flexing the iFLEX

Friday, March 2nd, 12-1pm (#182 Armory)

Facilitators: Ava Wolf, Judith Pintar

Overview (Tentative):

Ava Wolf and Judith Pintar will be our "guides on the side" as we explore the teaching and learning opportunities in iFLEX classrooms. Participants will engage in various small group activities so that we actually experience the Illinois Flexible Learning Experience, and we will learn about the experiences of Dr. Pintar's students with iFLEX. #182 Armory offers both analog and digital technology: Participants are encouraged to "BYOD" (Bring Your Own Device) so that you can play with the display technology in the room.


Playful by Design Symposium

Thursday, April 5, through Saturday, April 7 (Armory)

Overview (Tentative):

The Playful by Design group is organizing a Symposium in April to explore and celebrate games, gaming, and the importance of play in education. All are welcome. The LAS Teaching Academy is looking for interested teachers (both faculty and graduate students) to share experiences with games in the classroom (or online) in a roundtable presentation. Please contact Dan Steward if you are interested.


Playful Reflections

Friday, April 13th, 12-1pm (#3057 Lincoln Hall)

Facilitator: Dan Steward

Overview (Tentative):

We will gather for reflection and discussion about experiences at the Playful by Design Symposium, and consider various ways to incorporate games and play into our courses and curriculum.


Moodle Workshops Review & Discusssion

Friday, May 4th, 12-1pm (#3057 Lincoln Hall)

Facilitator: Cory Pettijohn

Overview (Tentative):

Throughout April, members of the LAS Teaching Academy are invited and encouraged to participate in online (asynchronous) workshops in Moodle. These workshops, developed by Cory Pettijohn, will cover such topics as online lectures and peer-to-peer collaborations. They are designed to help teachers develop their online courses. We will gather at our May meeting to share our experiences and reactions to these online workshops.