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LAS Teaching Academy: New Faculty Teaching Luncheon Series

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During these noon-hour meetings, new faculty members and their mentors attend interactive presentations by experts that focus on a particular aspect of teaching and learning, e.g., implementing active and cooperative learning, teaching large classes effectively, soliciting and interpreting student feedback to improve performance, and developing a teaching portfolio. Discussion time is built into each session, so that participants have ample opportunity to pose questions and to share their own knowledge with their colleagues.

Previous Luncheons

  • Making the Most of Large Classes
  • Active Learning
  • Early Feedback
  • Dealing with Difficult Students
  • Teaching Evaluations
  • Incorporating Writing into Courses Without Killing Yourself
  • Grading
  • Practical Aspects of Teaching to a Diverse Student Body
  • Dealing with Challenging Student Behavior
  • Dealing with Student Academic Dishonesty
  • Teaching Portfolios
  • Working with Teaching Assistants
  • Cooperative Learning
  • Beyond Student Evaluations: Documenting Teaching Effectiveness for Promotion and Tenure
  • Understanding ICES Results
  • Working with Graduate Students

See also:

  • Reflective Teaching Seminar
    During this year-long elective seminar, junior faculty members discuss readings on a range of practical teaching topics
  • Teaching Fellowships
    These competitive fellowships sponsor a wide range of instructional improvement projects by junior faculty members.