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Teaching Toolbox

The Teaching Toolbox contains practical ideas, valuable links and instructional solutions to help you improve your teaching. Resources range from a step-by-step guide to writing learning objectives to detailed active learning strategies and useful technology tips.

Instructional Strategies


Assessment and Feedback

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Helping Students

Great teachers promote student development through varied pathways. Use these LASTA how-to’s on maximizing office hours, capitalizing on diverse perspectives and locating university resources to benefit student learning. 

University Resources

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Your Career at Illinois

The LAS Teaching Academy wants faculty to thrive at Illinois.  This section contains disparate, yet topical, information on many areas touching faculty development. Scroll down to see what we have to offer on matters such as promotion and tenure, teaching awards and university guidelines.

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Electronic resources at your fingertips! This page provides information on various campus teaching resources and links to centers of excellence, as well as publications and listservs.


Centers of Teaching Excellence

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