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LAS Teaching Academy: "Teaching" When You Cancel a Class

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Due to a rigorous faculty schedule, there may be an occasion where you need to cancel a class session. Cancelling a session may occur in advance (this is best) or at the last minute in the case of illness or emergency. While presenting at conferences, representing the University at important functions and engaging in service are central, the University of Illinois is very clear that teaching parallels these activities in importance. Simply cancelling a session is unacceptable and diminishes your credibility as a professor who is dedicated to his/her students. Here are suggestions for ways to continue student learning during your absence.

  • Ask a graduate student to deliver a lecture.
  • Design an on-line activity on your course website.
  • Designate this time for students to work on group projects with one another.
  • If an assignment requires students to view a movie or video, arrange to show the movie/video.