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Building projects

The College of LAS occupies eight historic buildings on Quad: Lincoln Hall, the English Building, Altgeld Hall, Natural History Building, Noyes, Chemistry Annex, Davenport Hall, and the Foreign Language Building. These building provide our students and faculty members spaces that support their learning and research. Multiple renovation and expansion projects are in progress now.

The $66 million Lincoln Hall renovation is a model for this work. The building now features modern offices and classrooms while still showcasing historic features. As a part of the project, generous donor support provided funding for the Lincoln Scholars Initiative by naming spaces and dedicating courtyard pavers and theater chairs. Naming opportunities are still available. For more information about how you can contribute to a new gift for the ages, contact the LAS Office of Advancement.

Meanwhile, we're restoring our Quad buildings to their original glory while creating modern classrooms and the best research facilities available. Alumni, friends, and corporate partners are crucial in helping us.

Altgeld and Illini Halls

Altgeld Hall

The University of Illinois is embarking on a project to restore and renovate both Altgeld Hall and its neighbor across Wright Street, Illini Hall. Funds from the state, campus, and private donors will support the projected $90-100 million cost of the renovations.

This project will renovate both Altgeld and Illini Halls. It will create 22,000 square feet of new or modernized classroom space and 11,000 square feet of space for growth for the Departments of Mathematics and Statistics, an increase of 25 percent. Increased capacity and modernized learning spaces will benefit all Illinois students who study in these buildings.

And though both Altgeld and Illini Halls will be modernized, the project also focuses on restoration. Learn more about the Altgeld and Illini Hall renovation.

The Natural History Building

The Natural History Building.

Construction has begun for the $70 million renovation of Natural History Building, which will house all programs within the School of Earth, Society, and Environment, and the teaching programs in the School of Integrative Biology. Read more about the project.

Chemistry Annex

New windows in the Chem Annex

Chemistry Annex, designed by James White — the same campus architect who worked on Lincoln Hall — is also under construction. Built in 1931 and dedicated to undergraduate education, this building includes classrooms, teaching labs, and tutoring facilities.

This $23 million project includes overhauling 12 classrooms and 100 lab stations, and adding 9,000 square feet on the southeast corner for improved accessibility. These improvements will give our students the best educational experience possible within a highly regarded program.