College of LAS « Illinois

Enrichment Opportunities

Although the following programs are not directly affiliated with the honors program, your participation in one or more of them will add greater depth to your education. For that reason, LAS Honors staff are eager to help you identify the activities that will best suit to your career goals.

Double Majors, Minors, and Individual Plans of Study

Many students who enter honors programs have multiple interests as well as advanced placement credits. As a result, they are well-positioned to pursue a second degree or an area of specialty. See your major advisor for more information.

Study Abroad

Expand your horizons and gain a global perspective that is vital to success in our rapidly shrinking world. Choose from courses that range from 4-week courses held during winter and summer breaks to semester or yearlong programs. Visit Study Abroad for more information.

Volunteer Activities and Community Service

Broaden your work and life experiences by seeking opportunities beyond the classroom. Whether tutoring, collecting food for the homeless, donating toys, or helping build houses, there are chances for everyone to volunteer at the University of Illinois. Visit the Office of Volunteer Programs for more information.

Leadership Experience and Study

Discover opportunities to learn about, teach, and practice leadership skills. Developing these skills creates opportunities for you and others.

Students who participate in honors programs are invited to join LAS Council and LAS Leaders, student organizations that host programs of interest to students and whose members may serve on college-level committees as voices for student opinion.

The Illinois Leadership Center conducts i-Programs that include Integrity, Insight, Imprint, Ignite, and Intersect. These free conferences are offered several times throughout the year. The i-Programs seek to bring diverse backgrounds, viewpoints, and values together that lead to very good learning, teaching, and discussions. For more information visit the Illinois Leadership Center.

Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Relations (OIIR)

OIIR seeks to provide transformative learning experiences to the Illinois community that result in an appreciation for diversity and cross cultural engagement. OIIR contributes to the academic mission of the University by providing students educational opportunities about the various dimensions of diversity and intersections of identities. Visit OIIR for more information.

Office of National and International Scholarships

Nationally competitive scholarships are available for graduates and undergraduates, and the competition is steep. The National and International Scholarships Program administers many of these awards for University of Illinois students and alumni. Throughout the application process, this organization provides advice and feedback for applicants. Visit the Office of National and International Scholarships for more information.

Phi Beta Kappa

The oldest and most distinguished national honor society for liberal arts graduates, Phi Beta Kappa was founded in 1776. The local Gamma chapter initiates new student members each May. Members are among the top 7 percent of their graduating class. Visit PBK for more information.