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Cape Town, South Africa

Program Summary

Cape Town

In this course students will map memories and contemporary struggles against urban inequalities in post-apartheid Cape Town. After a brief historical survey of global and local forces producing uneven spatial and social inequalities in South Africa, students will visit the city of Cape Town to debate and map sites of past and contemporary struggles against urban inequalities. The course consists of six three-hour pre-departure lectures on the historical relation between spatial planning practices and social inequalities in Cape Town, South Africa, and a two-week field trip to Cape Town. The field trip will focus on debates and walking tours with survivors of forced removals now struggling to overcome new post-apartheid forms of social and spatial exclusion from the city. Student grades are assigned for a daily journal, reflective essays on assigned readings, and production of an interactive map of sites of current struggles against persistent colonial, apartheid, and neoliberal social inequalities.

Course Syllabus

Program Fee

$TBA. (Students should check with their college for scholarships.)

  • Includes: Round-trip airfare (Chicago-Cape Town), airport transfers, housing, most meals, orientation programs, site visits and other excursions, and international health insurance.
  • Does Not Include: Books or personal expenses.


Professor Ken Salo or Professor Faranak Miraftab
Department of Urban and Regional Planning


On-campus meetings: Begin 2nd 8 weeks of Fall 2009 term
Off-campus portion: TBA*


Available online


September 18, 2009

* Program dates and fees are subject to change due to exchange rate fluctuations and the number of participants