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LAS 101 Freshman Advisory Council

The LAS 101 Freshman Advisory Council is a group of first-year students who have just completed the LAS 101 course. They help us redesign the course each year to make it even better for the next year’s cohort of incoming students. With their help and creativity, LAS 101 has become a favorite course for our first-term students. You can join the council in the spring of your first year. Your LAS 101 intern will tell you how.

LAS 101 Council

Advice from Past Council Members

  • “Enjoy campus recreation resources: ice-skating, rock-climbing, martial arts clubs, swimming...get motivated from amazing sports!” —Yiyang Hu
  • “Make notes of when assignments are due—in your phone, your iBook, in your calendar—get organized.” —Kyle Doerr
  • “Be flexible! You might change your major, you might not—be open to the possibilities.” —Caroline DeLonga
  • “It’s a big university, but there are people will to help everywhere. Go to office hours, talk to your teachers, it makes a huge difference.” —Abby Popejoy
  • “Don’t procrastinate—work builds up fast!” —Kaitlyn Kestel
  • “Find your own place to study early in the year and use it as your place to focus.” —Paige Poisson