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Health and LAS

The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences has long been a campus leader in health-related research and teaching. Our goals are to advance diagnostics, treatments, and prevention techniques and to better train health care professionals. We have research and teaching strengths in many health-related areas, as illustrated below.

LAS also has ambitious plans to partner with the new Carle Illinois College of Medicine. We welcome the inaugural dean, Dr. King Li, and look forward to many ways that the liberal arts and sciences can contribute to medical education and research in this dynamic new college.

Cutting-edge research

A graduate student researching at the Institute for Genomic Biology

LAS faculty from across the college are making contributions to health and medicine. Researchers are developing anti-cancer drugs, sequencing genomes, exploring new ways to improve communication in health-care facilities, and examining how environmental stress contributes to negative health outcomes. From the natural and life sciences to the social sciences and humanities, we are at the leading edge of discoveries that will transform human health in the 21st century. LAS scholars focusing on human health earned $64 million in grant funding during the 2014-15 school year.

Training the best minds

A graduate student and professor in an organic chemistry lab

Our faculty members are training the best young minds through classes and student research projects. Our alumni work as doctors, drug developers, global health administrators, psychologists, health educators, and more. With an LAS degree, our alumni tackle current issues in health while anticipating and solving new ones.

Reaching into the world

students and professor in lab

Work happening in labs and classrooms is important, but it's not the only way those in LAS contribute. Our faculty members are touching the lives of others through clinical trials and bringing drugs to market. They're training the next generation of health communicators to improve public advocacy and assist patients. Our students volunteer for many related organizations. A few examples: contributing to the health of others through Alternative Spring Break, volunteering for non-profits providing low-cost medical and dental care in the local community, and serving as peer listeners while raising awareness about mental health issues.

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Health and LAS by the numbers

  • In 2014-15, researchers in units doing health-related work earned $64 million in funding
  • 85 LAS faculty members are affiliated with the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, where they study topics like cognition, neurotech, human perception, and bioimaging
  • 85 are affiliated with the Carl R. Woese Institute of Genomic Biology where they study topics like curing cancer, genomes and reproductive health, gene networks, and tissue engineering
  • LAS has four Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigators and professors, including three tenure-track faculty members and one adjunct faculty member
  • LAS alumni have earned nearly 5,000 doctor of medicine degrees

Degrees offered

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