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LAS Trivia

Learn more about the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences—from our people to our buildings—through these fun trivia questions.

logoLocal residents gave the University’s first building this nickname because of early delays and uncertainty in its construction.
What was the nickname?

logoBaton, badminton, and this still-popular children’s activity were just a few of the sports women engaged in during the University’s early years.
What was the activity?

logoAlthough it was never adopted as the University’s logo, this U of I graduate’s distinctive “UI” emblem can be found in various places on campus, including on the mosaic tile floor in the lobby of Altgeld Hall.
Who designed it?

1894 yellThe first University yell, written in 1894, was created by students who shared a $5 prize.
What were the words to it?

1896 triviaThis historic campus landmark was built in 1896 and was first used as the University Library.
Now home to an LAS department, which building is this?

1913 triviaThe 1913 emblem encircled by a wreath, which is used in LAS’s centennial celebration materials, originates from a structure on campus.
Where does the 1913 emblem originally appear?

babcock triviaThe first dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Dr. Kendric Charles Babcock, had many impressive credentials. Among them, he was president of the University of Arizona, a professor of history and political science at the University of California, and author of The Rise of American Nationality.
Where did he work just before accepting his position at the University of Illinois?

grave triviaThe only gravesite on campus belongs to this pivotal University figure, who was responsible for the addition of a literature and arts curriculum in 1873.
Whose grave is it?

pool triviaWhen it opened in 1905, this building featured a gymnasium and swimming pool.
What building was it?

school song triviaLAS English professor Thacher Howland Guild wrote the oldest school song in the United States.
What song was it?

comet triviaIn 1986, the same year Halley’s comet last appeared in our inner solar system, this campus building celebrated its 90th anniversary and was added to the National Register of Historic Places.
What building is it?

gorilla triviaLAS alumna Penny Patterson has worked with this famous gorilla for more than 30 years in one of the longest interspecies communication studies ever conducted.
Who is this famous gorilla?

Altgeld triviaThe largest bell in the Altgeld Hall bell tower was dedicated to this former president of the University of Illinois.
Who was this man?

LH plaque triviaA brass plaque of the Gettysburg Address is mounted on the main foyer’s south wall in Lincoln Hall.
Where was it before that?

logo triviaAlthough it was never adopted as the University’s logo, this U of I graduate’s distinctive “UI” emblem can be found in various places on campus, including on the mosaic tile floor in the lobby of Altgeld Hall.
Who was the student?

bison triviaA bison and the entire bird collection from the Columbian Exposition of the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair could previously be found on the second, third, and fourth floors of this building.
Which building is it?

bells triviaIn 1920, this building’s 15 bronze carillon bells first played the Illinois state song, “By Thy Rivers Gently Flowing,” but have more recently played popular theme songs and holiday tunes.
Which building is it?

1900 class triviaIn 1878, this department became the first to have its own building.
Which department was it?

molecules triviaChemistry professor Ken Suslick used the color changes of porphyrin dyes to develop this artificial sensory body part, rumored to work better than the original.
Which body part is it?

Oscar triviaLAS graduate Michael Masser, who has written songs for Diana Ross, Neil Diamond, and Whitney Houston, was nominated for an Academy Award in Music in 1975.
Which song was nominated?

LH terra cotta triviaThe terra cotta exterior panels on Lincoln Hall depicting Lincoln’s life, his quotes, and portraits of contemporaries were a bargain even by 1911 standards.
How much did they cost?

fair triviaLight from this star, one of the brightest in the night sky, was used by the U of I Observatory annex to send a signal to open Chicago’s Century of Progress fair in 1933.
Which star was it?

astronomer triviaThis U of I astronomer was the first in America to electrically measure the brightness of the moon in 1907.
Which astronomer was it?

dessert triviaDuring the Depression, chemistry professor George Frederick Smith, along with alumnus Charles Getz, invented a new aeration process for the preparation of this dessert product.
What was the dessert?

LH name triviaLincoln Hall briefly bore another name before it became a memorial to the former president.
What was the building’s first name?

field triviaIn 1893, students with nets and sample jars did field work in a marshy area in Urbana.
Which class was it?

metamorphosis triviaThis U of I professor was a pioneer in the study of insect physiology and credited with discovering the hormone that causes insect metamorphosis.
Who was this entomologist?

Wilhelmson triviaAtmospheric scientist Robert Wilhelmson received 14 awards, including an Academy Award nomination, for his groundbreaking animation of one of these in 1989.
What weather phenomenon did he animate?

walking triviaThe Walking Club, a group of scholars who gathered on Saturday afternoons for hiking, canoeing, and baseball, was founded by this world-class scholar and classics professor.
Who was the professor?

manuscript triviaThe Spurlock Museum holds the earliest surviving manuscript fragment of one of the New Testament books.
Which book is it?

LH theater triviaDuring the Lincoln Hall expansion in 1929, the Lincoln Hall Theater was not the first choice amongst many faculty members and the University president.
What did they want instead of a theater?