College of LAS « Illinois

Secrets of Spurlock

How cultured are you? Test yourself against one of the greatest keepers of human history—the Spurlock Museum.

  1. This piece of art inspired the sculptor of the Alma Mater, Lorado Taft, to create the most prominent statue on campus.
    What is it?
  2. This object holds great power for Northwest Coast native cultures, and is used as part of elaborate ceremonies to share cultural beliefs and traditions.
    What is it?
  3. As the cold weather rolls in, items like this become more appealing to survive chilly winter days.
    What is this necessity for women in the Arctic?
  4. As the most difficult type of wood to carve, this antique carving from the 18th century Qing Dynasty in China is highly prized. The plant it comes from represents longevity as it flourishes throughout the winter.
    What is this relic and what is it made from?
  5. Created between 1979 and 1982, the museum has carved, wooden Mayan masks portraying a deer, jaguar, dog, and other entities.
    On what occasion is this kind of mask used?
  6. Although it looks like a toy, what is this Hopi Kachina eagle figure considered to be?
  7. The Ukrainian folk tradition of egg painting, known as pysanky, dates back centuries. What do these eggs symbolize?
  8. A kavad is a cultural item from India with painted panels (and sometimes secret compartments). How is the kavad used?
  9. Although worn and danced by a man, this African object symbolizing beauty represents the spirits of deceased maidens and mothers. What is it?