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Each year the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences asks its 120,000 alumni to bring forward the names of individuals who they believe best exemplify a liberal arts education. From these nominations, the college's Alumni Association selects a handful to be recognized for their outstanding achievements. As always, they are a remarkable lot. We proudly present this year's recipients.


Roxanne Decyk

Cracking the Glass Ceiling

She's among the handful of women who've reached the upper echelons of corporate America. Read more about Roxanne Decyk.


John Law

Bee-ing Good

He doesn't model his life after insects, but these six-legged creatures have revealed much to him about what it means to be human.


Clifford Saper

Mapping the Brain

He's one of the world's foremost neuroanatomists, mapping much of the brain's circuitry.

By Holly Korab
Spring 2003