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A Nobel Peace Prize nominee…A plant biologist who helped to stop the use of the Agent Orange defoliant…A chemist who aided in the destruction of chemical weapons….

These are just some of the people who make up what can best be described as an alumni Dream Team from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Every year, 120,000 LAS alumni are asked to nominate those who best exemplify a liberal arts education. In this issue, you get a double dose of excellence. We are proud to announce the alumni winners for both 2004 and 2005.

Alum Winners 04

2004 Winners

Arthur Galston
Matters of Light
Arthur Galston's life has been all about light.

Richard E. Heckert
The Chemistry for Success
He started his career as a chemist at DuPont but worked his way to CEO.

Ambassador John W. McDonald
Connecting the World
Linking countries by steel rails is just one of many connections he has made throughout his colorful career.

Scott Eggener
Going Where the Need is Greatest
Reaching people with deep needs has been the theme of Scott Eggener's young career.

Alum Winners 05

2005 Winners

Susan Avery
Building Bridges
Susan Avery was the first person to receive a doctorate in atmospheric science at the University of Illinois.

Mohamed El-Ashry
Tracking the Human Footprint
Growing up in Egypt, Mohamed El-Ashry cultivated a passion for geology. While at the U. of I., he became fascinated with what happens on top of the land, rather than just below it.

George W. Parshall
Catalyst of Change
He has played a key role in advising the U.S. Army in its effort to safely destroy chemical weapons.

Robert Stuart
A Servant Leader
If it's Christmastime, you might find this retired CEO of a Fortune 500 company standing outside a store ringing a bell for the Salvation Army.

By Doug Peterson
Fall/Winter 2005–06