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The four winners of this year's LAS Alumni Achievement Award are movers and shakers in the truest sense. Through long, illustrious careers, they have pressed forward with novel ideas and shaken up the status quo in their respective fields.

In the case of one winner, he literally put movement into the expression "movers and shakers" as a world–renowned expert on population movement. Other winners include a leader of one of the largest and most vital industries in the world, an innovator behind life–changing medicines, and a team–builder who offers challenges for disabled athletes.

Every year, 120,000 LAS alumni are asked to nominate those who best exemplify a liberal arts education. Here are the 2006 choices.

2006 Winners

James M. Benson
T.E.A.M. Builder
He brings disabled and able–bodied athletes together in extraordinary challenges.

William A. V. Clark
Man on the Move
He is one of the world's leading experts on population movement.

Dennis M. Houston
No Job Too Big
He is responsible for ExxonMobil's oil tanker fleet, pipeline business, tank farms, and the oil going through the company's refineries.

William J. Wechter
An Encore Performance
He founded his own pharmaceutical company after almost 50 years in the industry.

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