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So Just How Satisfied Are You?

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Professor Ed Diener’s research proves that happiness not only feels good but it’s also good for us. Happy people on average have better health and live longer. Happy people have more friendships, are more likely to give money to charity, and are more likely to perform better on the job.

Happiness and “life satisfaction” go hand-in-hand, and Diener has devised a simple test to assess your level of satisfaction. Below are five statements that you may agree or disagree with. Using the 1 to 7 scale below, indicate your agreement with each item. Please be open and honest in your responses.

How to rank your answers
7: Strongly agree
6: Agree
5: Slightly agree
4: Neither agree nor disagree
3: Slightly disagree
2: Disagree
1: Strongly disagree

____ In most ways my life is close to my ideal.

____ The conditions of my life are excellent.

____ I am satisfied with my life.

____ So far I have gotten the important things I want in life.

____ If I could live my life over, I would change almost nothing.

How did you add up?
31-35: Extremely satisfied
26-30: Satisfied
21-25: Slightly satisfied
20: Neutral
15-19: Slightly dissatisfied
10-14: Dissatisfied
5-9: Extremely dissatisfied

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Winter 2008