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The College of LAS is pleased to honor four gold-standard scholars. These world-class alumni have set the standard of excellence in their respective fields—plant biology, chemistry, physics, and English.

Every year, 130,000 LAS alumni have the chance to nominate their choices for the LAS Alumni Achievement Award. We are proud to announce the four who brought home the gold in 2008.

2008 Winners

An Absorbing Interest
Just as a plant absorbs light and creates energy, his career has been one of absorbing everything he could learn about photosynthesis and then transforming it into energy.

Douglas L. Cole
The Invisible World
As he would soon find out, working at the invisible level could have a highly visible impact on the world.

William A. Edelstein
Leaving High-Tech Fingerprints
We have his fingerprints all over today’s MRI machines, for he helped make it possible to take astonishingly detailed images of the inside of the human body.

Carol D. Lee
Taking Bloom in the Whirlwind
She has committed herself to helping minority students bloom in a culture of low expectations and in the midst of many other “whirlwinds,” from poverty and negative stereotypes to communities with inadequate resources.

Spring 2009