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Frankenstein’s Weather

Historical Markers of the Little Ice Age

Hunters in the Snow1565
The Dutchman Pieter Bruegel paints The Hunters in the Snow. His winter scenes are inspired by extreme weather.

Shakespeare1603 to 1606
William Shakespeare writes King Lear, one of his many plays that dwell on storms and other foul weather.

map1607 to 1608
European settlers in North America report that ice persists on Lake Superior until June.

frost fair1608
England holds its first recorded “frost fair” on the frozen River Thames.

great storm1704
Daniel Defoe, author of Robinson Crusoe, writes The Storm—inspired by the Great Storm of 1703, one of the most ferocious to strike England.

great frost1740
The Great Frost leads to bad harvests, starvation, and disease across Europe. Millions die.

By Doug Peterson
Spring 2010