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Maslow’s ‘theory of needs’ comes under scrutiny.


The world’s oldest popular science magazine has included three bloggers from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in its new, selective blog network, launched in July.

Alex Wild, a postdoctoral researcher in entomology; Joanne Manaster, an instructor in the School of Integrative Biology; and Kate Clancy, professor of anthropology, are part of the blogroll at Scientific American. The network is at

Wild, whose insect photography has been published in the New York Times and National Geographic, will host “Compound Eye,” focused on science photography. Manaster will co-host “PsiVid,” a blog about science videos and film. Clancy will move her oft-cited women’s health blog, “Context and Variation,” to the magazine network.

The 165-year-old magazine has become known for its cutting-edge online presence. The three bloggers in LAS were chosen after the magazine searched thousands of existing science blogs on the Web and invited 45 bloggers to join the network. The University of Illinois is one of a few institutions with multiple bloggers in the network.

“I invited bloggers whose expertise, quality of writing, and professionalism fit well with the mission and general tenor of our organization,” says Bora Zivkovic, the magazine’s blog and community editor.

Fall 2011