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Balancing Faculty Responsibilities

Book shows how research and teaching are linked.

Illinois Sampler

A new book edited by a professor in the College of LAS demonstrates how professors at the University of Illinois not only balance teaching and research responsibilities, but how research actually improves their teaching in the classroom.

The book, called An Illinois Sampler, includes accounts from professors in the humanities, engineering, social and natural sciences, and other disciplines that detail the impact of their cutting-edge research on their teaching duties. Their stories illustrate how ideas and methods generated by faculty research enhance and energize their classrooms, and lead to greater creativity and discovery by students.

The book also demonstrates some of the most effective teaching practices developed at the University.

“In this timely volume and in fields as diverse as dance, geology, music, medicine, kinesiology, mathematics, engineering, and microbiology we have firsthand accounts of what faculty members are doing to make a better tomorrow,” says Stanley Ikenberry, president emeritus of the University of Illinois.

An Illinois Sampler is co-edited by Antoinette Burton, an LAS professor of history and Bastian Professor of Global and Transnational Studies; and Mary Ann Winkelmuss, coordinator of instructional development and research at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where she is also a senior fellow at the Association of American Colleges and Universities; with Kyle T. Mays, a PhD candidate in history at Illinois.

By Dave Evensen
Winter 2015