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Design thinking coverSpring 2018

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Next 150 years coverSpring 2017

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Outreach at Illinois coverSpring 2016

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100 Years of LASWinter 2014

Celebrating 100 years of LAS

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences celebrates a century of education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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Ninth LetterSummer 2013

And now for something completely different

Ninth Letter is not your father’s literary journal.

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A Race to the BottomSummer 2012

A Race to the bottom

Small is beautiful when fighting disease.

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Born to RunFall 2011

Born to run

Sheep on treadmills and bones of extinct animals reveal secrets of motion.

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Tuition GapWinter 2011

The widening gap

Who gets left out when tuition rises?

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Frankenstein's WeatherSpring 2010

Frankenstein’s weather

Frankenstein, Shakespeare, and snow in July.

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The Many Faces of Lincoln HallFall 2009

The many faces of Lincoln Hall: a history

Few buildings have served the University of Illinois as long and with as many purposes as the ever-evolving Lincoln Hall.

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Money on the BrainSpring 2009

Money on the brain

There’s a logical reason why we sometimes make irrational decisions—it’s how we are wired.

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Abraham LincolnWinter 2008

Lessons from Lincoln

What our 16th president can teach us about greatness.

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Abigail SalyersFall/Winter 2006-2007

Raiders of the lost notebook

LAS mathematician tracks proof for legendary numbers genius.

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Abigail SalyersFall/Winter 2005

Good bacteria gone bad

Freewheeling bacterial "sex" is one reason that antibiotics are losing their effectiveness at an alarming rate.

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Fred HoxieSpring/Summer 2004

Manifest destiny

In compiling an exhibition for the Newberry Library, Fred Hoxie was reminded that the journey of Lewis and Clark is ongoing.

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Spurlock MuseumSpring 2003

A glimpse of the world

The new Spurlock Museum is your passport to the world's cultures.

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MonkeyFall 2003

Into the mind of a monkey

Primate can teach us a lot about what it means to be human—if we're careful.

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Old bookSummer 2002

A second renaissance

Mara Wade is bringing new life to old books.

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