College of LAS « Illinois

Fall 2003


MonkeyInto the Mind of a Monkey

Primate can teach us a lot about what it means to be human—if we're careful.

As our closest living relatives, primates like monkeys and apes are intelligent, social animals that share a common heritage with humans. By understanding how they think and behave, LAS anthropology professor Paul Garber says we can "get a better sense of how we came to be the way we are."

Carl Woese U of I's Loner Revolutionary

A quarter century after being shunned as a radical, Carl Woese receives one of science's highest honors.

Penny Patterson The Caretaker

Penny Patterson has dedicated her life to studying Koko the gorilla in the hope of preserving a species.

university buildingDoing More With Less

Making the best of the worst budget news in the University's history.

warning labels Nothing to Chance

Inspired by her sister, an LAS alumna uses science to make the world safer.

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