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Fall/Winter 2005-2006


salyers Good Bacteria Gone Bad

Freewheeling bacterial "sex" is one reason that antibiotics are losing their effectiveness at an alarming rate.

The scene playing out in the vials in Abigail Salyers' laboratory is like a singles bar for bacteria. The cells are coupling promiscuously, exchanging a little DNA, then moving on to their next encounter.

americanosNuevos Americanos

Is the current influx of Latinos so different from past immigrations?

right to vote The Right to Vote

The Voting Rights Act is now 40 years old and facing renewal. Scholars evaluate the effects of the historic law.

shapiro A Smooth Operator

This neurosurgeon banishes tumors with the same determination as one of his most famous patients conquers the Tour de France.

alma mater Dream Team

We proudly present the LAS Alumni Achievement Award and Recent Graduate Award winners of 2004 and 2005.

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