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Fall 2011


born to runBorn to Run

Sheep on treadmills and bones of extinct animals reveal secrets of motion.

It isn’t something you see every day in the local gym: sheep running on treadmills. But if you had stumbled into the research labs on the South Farms of the University of Illinois not too long ago, you might have done a double take at this startling sight.

friezeFriezing Time

Once destined for dumpsters, U of I’s collection of plaster friezes from Greece’s Parthenon are now recognized as priceless snapshots in time.

vintage carWar and the New Era

The fourth part in a series examining the evolution of higher education since the construction of Lincoln Hall. (Link to come.)

nobustStoryography (Kind of) Solves 30-Year Campus Mystery

Mysterious story submission shows up in the mail about the Lincoln bust that went missing in 1979.

turntablistSonic Inventors

‘Turntablists’ turned music upside down, but now have to adapt.

bondsBonds of Beauty

The search for discovery leads alumnus from art to chemistry, and back.

Lincoln HallWatching Over His Namesake

An update on the renovation of Lincoln Hall.

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