College of LAS « Illinois

Spring/Summer 2004


fred hoxie Manifest Destiny

In compiling an exhibit for the Newberry Library, an LAS historian was reminded that the journey of Lewis and Clark is ongoing.

Historian Frederick E. Hoxie believes that the experiences of Lewis and Clark offer a contemporary message about the importance of respecting people's rights and freedom.

fish White Gold

The rare Antarctic toothfish may be the poster fauna for vanishing marine biodiversity.

cards A Winning Hand

Poker champ Barry Greenstein knows how to win. Now he is using that talent to help others.

Ken Suslick Molecules Are His Medium

From artificial noses to ultrasound-induced bubbles, Ken Suslick sculpts his niche in chemistry.

alumni Touching the Hand of God

For this Latin American artist, poetry is a devotional act that should be shared.

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