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Spring 2009


neuroeconomicsMoney on the Brain

There’s a logical reason why we sometimes make irrational decisions—it’s how we are wired.

The new field of neuroeconomics reveals the biological reasons why people make decisions that may or may not be in their best interests.

Ruby MendenhallLessons in the Dust

Amid the ruins of Chicago’s public housing history, one thing the Windy City did right may improve the future.

Speed MarvelSpeed Marvel and the Amazing Rubber Project

One of the most ambitious, but least remembered, government projects of World War II was at U of I.

TortureThe Problem with Torture

The morality of torture—and why the debate over its use often misses the point.

TolstoyThe Unbroken Chain

Tolstoy’s legacy of nonviolence influenced many great leaders.

Rafael AlmeidaLatino Giants

For Latino baseball players, the color line excluding them from pro baseball in the 20th century was fuzzy at best.

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