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Spring 2014


baseball statsBrad Pitt, Take Notice

Statistics alum lands job in major league baseball.

Sky Andrecheck will never forget his first day with the Cleveland Indians as he approached the baseball stadium in anticipation of a game against the Chicago White Sox.

deanThe Deans of LAS

A variety of personalities have steered the college since 1913.

SearsEvolutionary Ideas

Karen Sears explores the forces of history that shaped life as we know it.

AlmaLong-Awaited Homecoming

The restored Alma Mater returned this spring in all of its bronze glory.

BollywoodFather (Deep) Time

More than 50 years after arriving at Illinois, Tom Phillips is still unlocking the secrets of ancient Earth.

HarleyFlesh and Bone

Leukemia survivor creates artificial bone marrow, brain tumor in the hunt for cures.

FazeelA Change of Heart

Young LAS entrepreneur creates innovative heart-health system.

abroadGoing Out on a Limb

LAS students cross oceans, cross cultures—and even cross canyons.

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