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Summer 2012


nanotechnologyA Race to the Bottom

Small is beautiful when fighting disease.

When the 17th-century scientist Robert Hooke first peered through his microscope at a thin slice of cork, he saw microscopic “boxes,” which to him resembled the rooms, or cells, where monks prayed. So he dubbed these structures “cells”—a word that has carried down to us.

protestIllinois at the Crossroads

The fifth part in a series examining the evolution of higher education since the construction of Lincoln Hall. (You will be taken to the Lincoln Hall website.)

hands-onA Hands-On Future for Learning

Courses in science, technology, and math evolve for a challenging world.

appleWhat Did Steve Do?

U of I grad takes readers ‘Inside Apple’ in his bestselling corporate profile.

HilgerVoices from the Gender Divide

Researcher studies how an obscure minority gained its identity.

templeTemple of the Gods and of the Tourists

Anthropologist studies Thai town grappling with its future.

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