College of LAS « Illinois

Winter 2008


Lincoln and ThadLessons from Lincoln

What our 16th president can teach us about greatness.

Abraham Lincoln’s career offers timeless lessons in leadership, which are worthy of reflection as the nation prepares to elect a new president and celebrate Lincoln's bicentennial.

East St. LouisAn All-American City

Life in East St. Louis reveals how people abandoned in a post-industrial world survive the changes.

Ed DienerDr. Happy

Science helps uncover the secrets to happiness.

George GasynaA Surrogate Home in Language

While Poland was occupied, exiled writers preserved the language and the nation's cultural touchstones.

TimaeusA Classic Rediscovered

The Timaeus—the most influential book you've never heard of.

Larry DoyleLife in the Laugh Lane

Comedy writer Larry Doyle is again in demand in Hollywood where making a living from laughs can get you down.

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