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Approval Process for Courses in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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Submitting a Course for Review

LAS units will use the Course Inventory Management (CIM) module to submit new and revised courses. Each unit will have a designated CIM user(s) who can submit new/revised courses. Faculty can use the information below to submit their proposed new/revised courses to their department for entry into the CIM. All questions on the CIM should be addressed to Amy Elli .

Propose a New Course- Submit the New Course form (updated August 2018) and a syllabus to the approved CIM user within your unit.

Revision of a Course- submit the requested change(s) and a justification for the change(s) to the approved CIM user within your unit.

Course Fee Request- Submit the completed Course Fee form to the approved CIM user within your unit.

Policies and Guidelines


CIM Processing Information

CIM Training Materials- Office of the Registrar

Reviewing and Approving Courses Submitted Through the CIM

CIM Helpful Hints

Deadlines and Course Tracking Log

  • Deadlines for Course Submissions provides approximate dates for submitting new and revised course outlines forms to LAS for review
  • Course Tracking Log provides list of all LAS courses in process. You may need to refresh your browser to view the current log. Updated 8-31-18

Course Form Completion Information

Other Resources


For more information on any of these procedures, please contact:

Amy Elli, Associate Director Academic Programs,, 333-6622

Office of the Dean, 2090 Lincoln Hall, MC-448

Please submit all course forms via the CIM for College processing.