College of LAS « Illinois

Additional Information on Titles Containing Director

According to Provost Communication 3, new positions with the following titles must receive prior approval:

  • Directors
  • Assistant to heads, deans and directors
  • Assistant and associate deans and directors

Please complete the following HireTouch workflow to request the title: Provost Comm. 3 - Transmittal for Requests to Add New Administrative Position

Please attach the justification for the title along with the organizational chart via HireTouch. Approvals from the Department and School are needed before submitting to Amy Elli for LAS approval.

The Office of Academic Human Resources (Academic Appointments Processing) requires a copy of the Provost's Office approval when you initiate the appointment of an individual to this position.

For new AP positions that contain director in the title, the College needs to have both the PAPE and Provost Com 3- new admin position approved before going forward with any search documents.