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Hiretouch form instructions

Below are basic instructions and helpful hints for forms in HireTouch. Please also consult the Resources page within HireTouch for detailed information on forms appropriate to your search process.

Log into HireTouch, click on JOBS, then Start a Workflow (located on the right hand side of the screen). Choose the Job Template that is appropriate for your proposed appointment. Hiring Request Forms (HRFs) are included in all templates that require the form. PAPEs are included for each AP template. It is very important that you select the correct workflow at the very beginning of the process.

After you choose the correct Job Template, Click "Continue". Fill in the required job details:

  1. Job Title- Department Name field. Do not abbreviate any portion of the title field. Please remember to enter the department name into the title field- this helps LAS and Office of Diversity find your job in HireTouch.
    • Example: Research Scientist- Department of Chemistry
    • For Faculty searches: College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: Dept-title. Example: College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: Assistant Professor - Department of Political Science
  2. Chart and Org Code field: The chart for everyone is 1, the org code is the first 3 digits of your organizational code followed by three zeros. A few units do not have three zeros- Amy Elli will tell you if you are an exception. Please enter the numbers in without any spaces or dashes- (Example: 1580000). If you enter in the code incorrectly, everyone in HireTouch can view your job information and approvals may not be possible.
  3. The Organization Name will automatically populate after you enter your correct chart and org code.
  4. College Name: Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Click "Continue".

Do not change anything on this next page, scroll to the bottom and click "Continue".

You will be taken to the Forms tab for your Job.

If you do not complete each of the steps above before you are timed out you will create a blank workflow and you will need to contact the Office for Access & Equity to request that the correct forms be added to your workflow.

Please consult the LAS HRF Guidelines to ensure your job requires completion of the HRF

To make completion of the HRF easier, Executive Officers may want to fill out the HRF Word version and send to their appropriate Staff member for easy entering into HireTouch.

Length of appointment needs to be filled out only if the appointment is visiting. Examples would be Fall 2019 or AY 19-20.
Salary amount or range will be what the potential hire will be paid for the appointment you are proposing. If you are requesting a Fall only appointment at 50%, then the salary should be entered for that % time and length. Do not enter what a full time appointment would be paid.

HRFs contain the following questions:

  1. Describe the critical nature of this position/hire to the mission and success of the unit and the institution; where applicable, include specific strategic goals that are addressed.
  2. Could the work associated with this position be reallocated to be accomplished in another way, for example, through assignment of duties to others in the unit, reduced FTE or a partial year appointment? Could an alternate title be considered or the role reconfigured so that the work can be accomplished by someone with less experience or through training an individual whose position can be left vacated?
  3. Document any negative consequences that would occur if the proposed position action were delayed or remained unfilled.
  4. Describe the funds you have available to ensure you can make this hire without incurring deficits.

When ready to send off for approval, click "Save and continue to approvals." The approvals are the following:

1. Department: Unit Executive Officer
2. School (if applicable) or choose College, LAS Hiring
3. College, LAS Hiring
The College office will determine all other approvers based on the LAS HRF Guidelines.

Click on "Save" located in the lower left corner of the screen. As soon as the approvers are saved on the Approval page, an email will go to the Department EO and the process has begun.

Submit at the same time as the HRF.

  • The Job Description Form requires units to provide a list of all duties and qualifications for the proposed position.  Percentages of average time spent on each duty are required.
  • List the duties in order of importance, with percentages noted.
  • Group related duties together and assign a percentage

To make completion of the job description easier, the hiring official may want to fill out the Staff Job Description Word version and send to their appropriate staff member for easy entering into HT.

Titles containing “director” require an extra level of review- consult LAS Hiring website- Information on Titles containing Director for information.

Enter all required information marked with a red *.   The second screen of the Job Description form is for IHR only, so scroll to bottom and click Save and continue to approvals.  The approvals are the following:

  • Department: Unit Executive Officer
  • School (if applicable) or choose College, LAS Hiring
  • College, LAS Hiring
  • *Staff HR, Classification

Click on "Save and Submit for Approval" located in the lower left corner of the screen.
As soon as the approvers are saved on the Approval page, an email will go to the executive officer and the process has begun. Illinois HR (IHR) provides the final approval of job descriptions. IHR will determine the classification of the position and add the appropriate search forms to the workflow.  

Enter all required information marked with a red *.

--Close Date: If you enter a date into this field, then your job will automatically be removed from at the end of that day (midnight). This means that no new applicants can submit a job through HireTouch and current applicants cannot add any new documents to their application.

If you do not enter a date, then your job will remain on the job board until the staff contact asks the Office for Access & Equity to remove the job from at the end of the search process. This means that the search committee is accepting late applications. If you receive one late application, then you accept all until the time you make an offer to a finalist.

--Enter the short ad and long ad. For both ad boxes, copy your ad from word, then switch to the HireTouch screen and click on the Word clipboard icon.

Paste From Word

Paste the appropriate ad into the box that appears and click ok. You will be taken back to the Search form.

--Access to Applicant Material: these sections are divided into staff (unit contact for search, Diversity Advocate, etc.) and Search Com members. Use the Look up person to find individuals to add. If an individual is not in the look up box, they will need to be added as a casual user. Review the "Casual User Instructions" in the Resources section of HireTouch. If the casual user is a U of I employee the enterprise ID must be used as the user name.

--Search Com info: Enter the Search Chair name and title, who the proposed hire will report to, and Diversity Advocate. If the direct report is the Search Chair, the Executive Officer needs to consult chapter 2.11 of the Office of Diversity Guidelines and Process for Academic Appointment to review information on conflicts of interest. Also, enter the diversity and gender composition of the search committee.

--Minimum Advertising Period. If the unit wishes for the Office for Access & Equity to update the deadline date of a search so that the advertising window is for a specific time period, then answer YES to this question on the search form: "May ODEA update the closing and/or full consideration dates on your behalf?" An example where this option would be useful is when a search is using the minimum advertising window of 2 weeks- a unit wishes for a search to be open for applications ASAP, so the search form is submitted with a deadline date exactly 2 weeks from the submission date; full approval of the form may take more than 1 day, so the unit answers YES to the update question and the Office for Access & Equity will change the deadline date to be 2 weeks from the search form approval date.

Answer NO to this question if the unit has a very specific date in mind for the deadline. For example a faculty search form is submitted in August with a deadline of October 1. No need to answer YES to the update question since the search is not using the minimum advertising window of 2 weeks.

--List all ad sources that will be utilized. Please identify sources that would help in attracting a diverse set of applicants.

Click on "Save and continue to approvals." in lower left corner of the screen to save the information.

Approvals for Search Form:

  • EEO Officer- College, LAS Hiring

Click on "Save"- lower left corner of screen.

As soon as the approvers are saved on the Approval page, an email will go to the College and the process has begun.

As you are completing the appropriate form in HireTouch, you can always save your information and return at a later time to complete the form. At the bottom of each form, on the lower left corner is the "Save" statement. Click on this statement to save your form.

When you are ready to go back to the form to make additional edits, click on Jobs, then your specific job title, then the Forms tab. Find the form line you were working on (Apt change, AP search, Job Description, etc) and click on the "Continue" statement for that form. This will take you to your form as you last left it.

The originator of any form will always have the option of Recertifying the form, even after you have sent it off for approvals. DO NOT RECERTIFY THE FORM AFTER YOU HAVE ENTERED APPROVER NAMES AND SENT OFF THE FORM FOR REVIEW. If you do, you will take away any progress that has been made in reviewing the form and everything must begin again. The only screens you want to look at after sending the form off for review and approval are the View and Approval screens. The View screen shows you a pdf of the form you filled out. The Approval screen will tell you who has reviewed the form and who still needs to review it.

If the title of the workflow entered by the unit is incorrect there are two ways you can update the title:

1. In the Job Description- below the Primary Function of Position/Summary box is a Proposed Working Title field. Please format your title using the information above in Starting a Workflow in Hiretouch- Job Title.

2. In the Search Form- A Title field exists near the top of the form. Please format your title using the information above in Starting a Workflow in Hiretouch- Job Title.

  • Go to the Forms tab and click “Approvals” on the form you wish to edit
  • Click “View” (lower left corner)
  • Click “Edit” (lower left corner)
  • Make necessary changes
  • Scroll to bottom of form and click “Submit and Continue to Approvals”
  • Update the approvers if necessary and Click “Save” OR If updates are not necessary, Click “Approvals”
  • If you are the approver (name in red) and you are ready to send the form to the next approver, Click “Approve”