College of LAS « Illinois

Increasing Applicant Pool Strategies

As part of the campus strategic plan and the university's compliance obligations, the Office of Diversity suggests the following Good Faith Efforts for Diversity Advocates and search committee members in undertaking and documenting its good faith efforts to ensure that women and minorities are aware of the opportunity. 

  1. Utilize special advertising resources that will reach and attract top underrepresented candidates
  2. Verify the use of special recruitment sources
  3. Utilize colleague networks to identify top potential candidates
  4. Spread the word about the position: share information with incumbents at other institutions; contact women's colleges and historically Black and Hispanic colleges and universities for alumni information; and recruit at professional conferences that target underrepresented professionals
  5. Send the announcement to professional diversity organizations
  6. When evaluating resumes be mindful of potential unintended bias, particularly with respect to candidates' educational institutions and reference letters
  7. Consider using screening (phone) interviews to allow initial contact with a larger number of candidates.
  8. Request a Diversity of the Applicant Pool report from ODEA a day or two before the close date of your search to determine if there is a sufficient pool of women and minority applicants.  If not, consider extending the search and possibly using other recruitment sources.