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LAS Teaching Academy Fund: Strengthening the Heritage

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Excellent teachers ensure an excellent education for students. Participants in the Teaching Academy become skilled teachers and examples for innovation throughout the college. It is only through excellence and continued innovation that LAS can retain its reputation for superior teaching.

Private gifts are vital to the success of the academy. These gifts support a summer retreat for new faculty as well as seminars and expert presentations. Gifts also support the teaching awards granted by the academy to recognize innovative curricula.

The academy prepares our teachers to better prepare students for the future, which is the most important mission the college can undertake. Support for the academy is an endorsement of the importance of education. By supporting the work of the academy, you are making a statement that you wish to preserve excellence in education for generations to come.

Opportunities for Support

A program endowment will ensure the success of the program in all its capacities.

Named Teaching Academy

Contribution Level:
$2 Million

Named Teaching Fellows

Contribution Level:

The Teaching Fellows Program sponsors teaching projects of junior faculty members, including such activities as new course development and the purchase of classroom equipment to enhance teaching. The annual income from an endowment may either support the costs of the program or an individual Teaching Fellow.

Named Distinguished Teaching Chair

Contribution Level:
$2 Million

An endowed Chair for Distinguished Teaching helps the college attract and retain professors renowned for their teaching as well as research skills. The annual income from an endowed teaching chair supports the appointee's salary as well as research, support staff, travel, and other related academic activities.

Named Distinguished Teaching Professorship

Contribution Level:

A Named Distinguished Teaching Professorship is used to attract and retain promising teachers early in their careers. The funds augment salaries and support scholarly and research needs.