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Professorial Scholars named by the College of LAS

Outstanding faculty will receive additional support for their work

Several College of LAS faculty have been named Professorial Scholars this fall and winter.
Several College of LAS faculty have been named Professorial Scholars this fall and winter.
Several outstanding professors in the College of LAS have been selected by their peers to receive named professorial positions, which provide financial assistance to support their research and teaching duties.

The positions were created through gifts to the college. For example, Richard Romano (BS, ’54, chemical engineering) and his wife, Margaret, established the Richard and Margaret Romano Professorial Scholar program, which selected six new professors this fall.

Romano said his entire family congratulated the “truly distinguished group of teachers and researchers.”

“It is a joy for us to be able to support the work of scholars who have been chosen by their own colleagues as outstanding contributors,” Romano said.

Feng Sheng Hu, the Harry E. Preble Dean of the College of LAS, said the new appointments are a point of pride for the College of LAS.

“These named positions have been created by people who care deeply for the future of the liberal arts and sciences at Illinois, and the appointees are dedicated to their disciplines, the college and university, their colleagues, and their students,” said Hu. “We’re grateful for them and their good work.”

A full list of scholar appointments selected this fall and winter follows:

  • Eleonora Stoppino, professor of French and Italian, has been named a John A. and Grace W. Nicholson Professorial Scholar. The position is intended to further the study of humanities, with special emphasis and preference given to the study of literature and the history of philosophy.
  • Vera Hur, professor of mathematics, has been named a Brad and Karen Smith Professorial Scholar. The position is intended for individuals with expertise and academic abilities in the field of mathematics.
  • Ariana Traill, professor of classics; Dana Rabin, professor of history; and Carla Cáceres, professor of animal biology and director of the School of Integrative Biology, have been named Lynn M. Martin Professorial Scholars. The position is intended to honor exceptional women teachers.
  • Francina Dominguez, professor of atmospheric sciences; Prashant Jain, professor of chemistry; Ripan Malhi, professor of anthropology; Kevin Mumford, professor of history; Tracy Sulkin, professor of political science; and Monica Uddin, professor of psychology; have been named Richard and Margaret Romano Professorial Scholars. The position is not limited to any particular field of study.

This story has been updated from its original version to reflect the addition of Carla Cáceres.


Dave Evensen

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