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Career possibilities for LAS majors

Studying within the liberal arts and sciences prepares students for a variety of jobs, including some that don't exist yet. In LAS, you'll earn a well-rounded education, a global perspective, and many other critical skills that will help you find success in whatever career path you choose.

Our students choose from a variety of career paths following graduation. Some go straight into full-time employment while others may pursue graduate programs such as medical school or law school. LAS alumni include Nobel Laureates, Pulitzer Prize winners, and CEOs. The college offers many resources to help students understand and seize the possibilities.

Career guidance within the college

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The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences offers a career development program that guides students beyond the classroom as they explore and design their careers. Learn more about workshops, career fairs, classes and other resources the program offers.

Celebrating graduates' success

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The Illini Success initiative surveys new bachelor's degree recipients on their post-graduation plans. Find the annual reports, both for campus and our college, on the Illini Success website.

LAS@Work: Read about alumni and their jobs