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LAS 101 freshman seminar

LAS 101 classroomA class dedicated to your success

LAS 101 Freshman Seminar is a one-credit, graded course designed to assist you in succeeding at U of I. These small-group classes meet weekly and are led by an LAS 101 intern—a successful junior or senior student mentor whose goal is to help you get off to a strong start at U of I.

In LAS 101, you will:

  • learn skills for academic success at the college level;
  • have immediate access to a peer mentor who can answer your many questions about your new life as a U of I student;
  • learn about all the important and valuable campus resources;
  • enjoy a small classroom environment with your peers;
  • become familiar with the many learning styles and experiences that you will encounter in your U of I career; and
  • meet other people who may very-well become life-long friends.

All first-year students are required to enroll in and complete the LAS 101 Freshman Seminar. Exceptions include students admitted to Chemical Engineering, who will enroll in ENG 100, and students admitted as James Scholars, who will enroll in LAS 122.

For more information
Murillo Soranso
Director, LAS First Year Experience

What recent LAS 101 students say about the course

Berton“LAS 101 is so great because it is the bridge between high school and college. It opens up students’ eyes to all the opportunities this campus has to offer, and provides a guide for how to succeed.” —Elizabeth Berton

Hill“LAS 101 helped make the transition to such a large university easy. It was an amazing freshman transition program that provided my peers and me with a relaxed, supportive environment that was guided by an upperclassman.” —Matthew Hill

Green“The best part of LAS 100 was the time management class. It helped me be more productive in my day and plan out what I needed to get done in a timely matter.” —Nia Green

Shi“You have a family here; you won’t even miss home when you are here! That is LAS 101—your college family!” —Ruiqi Shi

James“LAS 101 kick-started my freshman year in college off to a great start and provided the friendly atmosphere I needed in an unfamiliar place.” —Jennifer James

Boyle“LAS has given me the tools to become a professional.” —Eric Boyle

Magold“LAS 101 in my opinion was essential to the smoothest transition from high school to college. It taught me not just about the academic side of U of I but also the social and extracurricular side too! My intern was a valuable resource and a great ally while navigating the campus the first semester.” —Jordan Magold

Zong“I am really exited to be a member of this big family—so many friends and opportunities waiting ahead.” —Yuanpeng Zong

Prichodko“You can rely on your intern to introduce you to some vital resources on campus and become your guide and mentor.” —Sherry Prichodko

LAS Liftoff: Your welcome to campus

LAS WelcomeMeet your classmates

Each fall during the university’s Welcome Week in August, the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences hosts LAS Liftoff, its own welcome for new students. It's a fun, lively way to kick off your college career.

LAS Liftoff gives you the chance to meet the dean of the college, peer mentors, college representatives, and other students in your major.

Friday, Aug. 24, 2018
1:30-4 p.m.
Krannert Center for the Performing Arts
500 S. Goodwin Ave., Urbana