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LAS 102: Transfer Advantage

The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences wants to ensure all of our students have a successful and productive first semester here at Illinois.

LAS 102: Transfer Advantage is a course designed to assist new transfer students in their transition to our college and campus. Students who enroll in this eight-week, one-credit course will:

  • learn skills for academic success at the college level;
  • use design thinking to make the most of your experience;
  • have immediate access to a peer mentor who can answer your many questions about your new life as a U of I student;
  • learn about all the important and valuable campus resources;
  • enjoy a small classroom environment with your peers;
  • become familiar with the many learning styles and experiences that you will encounter in your U of I career; and
  • meet other people who may very-well become life-long friends.

The format of the Transfer Advantage course will include lessons and workshops designed to meet the specific needs of a diverse transfer student population.

If you would like more information on whether this course would be a good fit for you in your first semester with us in the College of LAS, please consult with the academic adviser for your major and the LAS 102 staff members listed below

Become an LAS 102 Intern

LAS 102 Interns 2016 Applications are now open for LAS Transfer Advantage (LAS 102) internships. Interns are accomplished LAS transfer students willing to share their successful transfer experiences with incoming transfer students.

An LAS 102 internship offers our best students the opportunity to help others while enhancing their own skills and preparing for their chosen professions or advanced scholarship. They also serve an important role in helping first-year transfer students adjust to the University of Illinois.

Interns meet with their LAS 102 classes, which have 20 to 25 students, for 80-minutes once a week for the first 8-weeks of the semester. An LAS 102 internship offers our best students the opportunity to help others while developing leadership skills. Interns will receive 3 credit hours for their work with LAS 102. They will be enrolled in LAS 399: Leadership and Professional Development for the second eight weeks of spring as well as the full fall semester.

Applications will be available in January 2019.

Transfer Advisory Group (TAG)

Looking for more ways to get involved outside of class and get to know some of your Transfer peers? Join TAG!

TAG is an RSO created and run by transfer students for transfer students. TAG has general meetings about once a month and committee meetings on alternating weeks. LAS 102 Transfer Advantage was created with the help and awareness raised by TAG of the unique problems faced by transfer students. If you would like to make a lasting change for current and future transfer students come to a general or commitee meeting to see what TAG is working on next.

LAS 102 Director

Murillo Soranso Murillo Soranso
Welcome to the University of Illinois and the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences! I'm so excited to serve as the Director of LAS 102: Transfer Advantage. This class has been designed to give you, our transfer students, the best start possible as you make this transition to the U of I. You will learn so much about our campus and how to take advantage of all the resources at your disposal. LAS 102 interns facilitate the class. They are successful transfer students, who will share lessons about their transfer experience in order for you to have a successful transition. Our teaching assistants (TAs) are incredible graduate students who work closely with the interns. They too are a great resource. Again, welcome to campus, and I look forward to connect with you.

Academic Advisor for Transfer Students

ashley poppy Ashley Poppy
Hi! I’m Ashley Poppy. I am the transfer academic advisor for the College of LAS. My office is located in 2002 Lincoln Hall. I enjoy working with transfer students and I look forward to meeting you! I recently moved from Missouri where I'd worked for five years as an academic advisor at Ozarks Technical Community College. I am originally from Illinois and happy to be back. I hope you all have a wonderful semester!

Teaching Assistant

Mary Jo Licht Mary Jo Licht
Hi — I'm MJ, the tech liaison for LAS 101 and 102. My primary job is to maintain the Moodle website, but I also help out with program development and events. This is my sixth year with the program, and it's been fun watching the incoming freshmen advance through the college, sometimes becoming LAS 101 interns themselves. Work hard and enjoy your college years — they are over before you know it!!


Using the class section listed, find your intern's LAS e-portfolio.

Section 1
Tiara Crosby

Section 2
Fabian Zermeno Yerenas

Section 3
Leah Lines

Section 4
Michaila Garcia

Section 5
Natalie Hayes

Section 6
Kotryna Staputyte

Section 8
Liam Healy

Section 9
Lauren Gerdes

Section 10
Princess White

Section 11
Lynn Lin

Section 12
Ryan Mills