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Preprofessional Interests

Students with special professional goals, such as law school and medical school, may successfully follow any of a number of undergraduate programs. For example, prelaw students might select majors in political science, mathematics, economics, English, or the physics curriculum (for patent law); premedical students might major in English or history as well as biology, chemistry, or other science curricula. Students preparing for high school teaching will combine a major in Sciences and Letters with the professional minor in education.

Students majoring in a particular subject area within the Sciences and Letters Curriculum may indicate specific preprofessional intentions or educational goals. The following designations indicate specific categories, and, if you are interested in one of them, inform an admissions/records officer or staff member in LAS Student Academic Affairs. You may use only one code; however, you are not committed to pursue a career in that profession. The code will simply place your name on an informational mailing list.