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2016-2017 LAS Alumni Association
Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Front Row: Gary J. Greenspan, Northbrook; Alice O. Faron, Champaign; Patricia H. Schwarzentraub, Peoria; John Coady, Taylorville; B. Tim Bachman, Savoy; Eryn C. Schneider, Naperville.
Back Row: Jerrold M. Levy, Deerfield; Winston L. Langston II, Flossmoor; Peggy J. Ruff, Forsyth; Jerry W. Hester II, Flossmoor; Jonathan Camp, Bloomingdale; Emily Cunningham (student representative), Champaign; Allen M. Schwab, Chesterfield, MO; Michael T. Taylor, Deer Park; Kristine L. Ford, Riverwoods.
(Photo by Thompson–McClellan)

Board members of the LAS Alumni Association are devoted—they donate their time and creativity to build lifelong connections between alumni and LAS. And considering that there are more than 162,000 living alumni, that’s a big undertaking.

The LAS Alumni Association was founded in 1984 as a member-supported organization to offer an array of activities so that LAS alumni may continue to learn, grow, and stay involved with their college community. The organization’s all-volunteer board of directors oversees these activities:

In their roles as ambassadors for the college, they represent the values, traditions, and beliefs in excellence that are the core of the college to other members of the University, the alumni body, and the public at large.

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