College of LAS « Illinois

Spring 2016


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Profiles of excellence

The 2015 LAS alumni award winners.

A wow moment

On a quest for a translation machine.

There is something to fear

Fear is effective at influencing people.

A burning problem

Study finds Alaskan boreal forest fires release more carbon than trees can absorb.

Images of LAS

Images from around the college.

Good neighbors

LAS in the community.

Flying in the face of tradition

LAS alumna is one of small percentage of female commercial pilots.

Settling the primary dilemma

Researchers conclude that the current system for U.S. presidential primaries is best.

Mentors of success

A growing alumni mentoring program in MCB is helping students map their careers.

A new way to learn the past

Part history, part acting: the department of history is a leader in “reacting to the past.”

Around the college

A selection of recent news and happenings from faculty, staff, and students.

Friends, Romans, Illini...

Award-winning professor brings Rome to life.

American (and French, and Greek, and Chadian) dreamers

A summer institute creates a ripple effect of friendship and education around the world.

Generations of friendship

LAS alumni reunite in Korea—during a new chapter in their lives.

LAS Alumni Association events

Connect with the college in person.

Lincoln Scholars

The Lincoln Scholars Initiative’s gifts class of seniors will graduate in May 2016, thanks to the generous support of alumni and friends.