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Career Development

It’s never too soon to think about your career after college or to begin building a foundation of marketable skills and experience. Below are some of the opportunities and online aids.

The Value of a Liberal Arts and Sciences Degree

There have been numerous articles recently published on the value of a liberal arts degree, the importance of a well-rounded education, and the earning potential of graduates.
Business and the Liberal Arts – October 17, 2013, Inside Higher Ed
Is an Education in the Liberal Arts Important? – September 19, 2013, Huffington Post
Liberal Arts Salaries Are a Marathon, Not a Sprint  - January 24, 2014, Wall Street Journal

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LAS Career Development Workshops

These workshops are designed to help LAS students with career exploration and career success (developing employable skills).

Career Center Calendar

Besides daily drop-in hours, the Career Center offers a variety of workshops every month including reviewing resumes, preparing for career fairs, finding internships, and more.




Internships are valuable ways of adding practical experience to your college education. Find out where you can learn about these career-building experiences.

Career Service Offices in LAS

  • Actuarial Sciences: Each fall, the Actuarial Science Club sponsors a “Meet the Firms” event and a Recruitment Conference. The Actuarial Science Club also hosts employer info sessions.
  • School of Chemical Sciences, Career Counseling and Placement Services: The office provides guidance, resources, and opportunities to School of Chemical Sciences job seekers to help them achieve their career aspirations relevant to their academic interests.
  • Geology Placement: Primarily serves graduate-level students and supports the career searches of undergraduate students in geology.
  • Integrative Biology: Advisors assist students with their courses and also help them connect their school work to life outside of U of I through internships and career planning.
  • Molecular and Cellular Biology: This office serves undergraduate students in the MCB and Biological Sciences Unassigned programs but is open to other students who want to research careers in this area. The office assists students in career planning, resume writing, finding internships, and job search strategies.

U of I Career Center

The center provides career counseling, mock interviews, guides for resumes and cover letters, tools for researching employers and industries, including Career Insider, and workshops on choosing a career or finding a summer job/internship. The center also has online sources for internships and employment opportunities, both within the U.S. through iLink and abroad through Going Global.

Business Career Tips for Liberal Arts Majors

More than half of all LAS graduates go on to management positions in business. Statistics show that the same qualities that drew them to the liberal arts and sciences, and an education that emphasizes communication and analytical skills, prepares them well for leadership. This online guide shows how liberal arts majors can prepare you for these careers.