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Honors Programs

Recognizing and Supporting High Academic Achievement


Honors programs in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences support and acknowledge the exceptional academic accomplishments of our students. The programs are highly varied, and may be customized to students’ interests. Each, however, encourages students to develop their intellectual gifts as well as their breadth of experience.

If you qualify as an honors student, you will be treated as a future leader. You will be expected to excel in your work as you strive to learn more about the world. You will be challenged to be your best.

James Scholar Honors Program

This college-level honors program is part of a University-wide program that recognizes and encourages the talents of academically outstanding undergraduate students within each college.


See a list of scholarship opportunities—deadlines all occur in September 2014.

Departmental Honors

Individual departments offer honors programs to further enrich the disciplinary curricula and enhance students’ participation in Departmental Distinction.

LAS Distinction and Recognition

Read the requirements for the Dean’s List, College Latin Honors, Bronze Tablet, and LAS Honors Ceremony.

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