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College Distinctions

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These acknowledgments of work well done are recognitions and distinctions you can share in pursuit of future endeavors.

Dean’s List

The Dean’s List is prepared each semester to honor all full-time students whose grade-point average (GPA) for that semester ranks in the upper 20 percent of their college. The minimum GPA establishing eligibility for the LAS Dean’s List in 2016-2017 is 3.80. Other eligibility criteria include completion of at least 14 hours of course work in which traditional letter grades are earned (i.e., excludes courses graded credit/no credit, satisfactory/unsatisfactory, and test-based credit that is graded pass/fail), and any course work completed through study abroad, subject to these same limitations. No consideration is given for the Dean’s List until final traditional grades are in for courses designated I and DFR. If you believe you should be placed on the Dean’s List as a result of a grade change or a grade received more than a month after the end of the semester, notify the LAS Honors Office to ensure that corrective action is taken.

Senior Thesis submission

College Latin Honors in LAS

Based on December 2015-August 2016 LAS graduates, the following GPAs may be used to determine LAS College Honors on graduation lists between December 2016 and August 2017.

  • (Top 3 percent) Summa Cum Laude (GPA of 3.95)
  • (Top 7 percent) Magna Cum Laude (GPA of 3.90)
  • (Top 12 percent) Cum Laude (GPA of 3.82)

To earn College Latin Honors, a student is required to have both the appropriate GPA and to have completed one of the following:

  • 25 honors hours, OR
  • 35 advanced hours (300/400 level), OR
  • LAS James Scholar Graduation Honors, OR
  • Departmental Distinction

The minimum must be met by both the comprehensive university GPA (including transfer work) and the cumulative GPA of work taken on this campus. All semesters count for Latin Honors.

Bronze Tablet

Continuous academic achievement is recognized at the University of Illinois by inscribing students’ names on the Bronze Tablets which hang in the campus Library. Bronze Tablet recipients must rank in the top three percent of the students of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The actual GPA is recalculated every year and is based on all work completed at the University through the academic term prior to their graduation. To be identified as a Bronze Tablet recipient, transfer students—in addition to meeting the general rules for qualification—must also have earned at least 40 semester hours at this University and have cumulative University of Illinois grade point averages as high as the lowest eligible students who completed all of their academic work on this campus.

LAS Honors Ceremony

Students who graduate with James Scholar Graduation Honors and other select honors/awards are invited to participate in a spring ceremony in which LAS recognizes their achievements.

The ceremony acknowledges senior James Scholars, Bronze Tablet recipients, and those honored with departmental or college awards or scholarships. The Honors Ceremony is usually held on Sunday two weeks before spring commencement.

The 2017 LAS Honors Ceremony is at 2 p.m. Sunday, April 30, in Foellinger Auditorium.

Invited students are notified via email to their Illinois email addresses, and their families are notified by mail at their permanent addresses.