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Courses Abroad

Short courses during winter and summer break. Discover the world ...a few weeks at a time.

The Courses Abroad program offered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in conjunction with the Study Abroad Office invites you to spend your winter or summer break experiencing life in a different country. Choose from a variety of courses in several countries, all of which are taught in English or the language of the course focus. You will have ample opportunities to explore local history and culture. The excursions vary from class to class, but always include unforgettable sights.

While you are having the time of your life, you will also be earning college credit. The courses are taught by University of Illinois faculty and fulfill campus or department degree requirements.

Winter Courses Abroad—Global Studies

These intensive courses start during the second 8 weeks of the fall term and travel abroad over winter break. The courses focus on varied aspects of globalization.

Deadline for Applications: September 15, 2014

Spring and Summer Courses Abroad

Courses Abroad during the spring and summer offer more choices in countries and experiences. The emphases range from history and politics to development through service learning and take place on several continents. Some of the courses are spring courses with summer field experiences abroad. Others are summer courses lasting 4-6 weeks in the field.

Deadline for Applications: Varies, from December 2014 through February 2015. See individual courses for details.