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Financial planning for study abroad

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Before you apply to your chosen program, you can save a lot of stress by understanding the costs of a study abroad experience. Since program costs differ, you should consider the following topics:

Understanding total costs

To help both in your decision to study abroad and/or budgeting for your study abroad program, please view the cost calculator for your program of study on campus in Illinois and compare that with the unofficial budget sheet provided for each program on the program page. The budget for each program is based on estimates from past terms and is intended for planning purposes only. Students will receive an official budget from their study abroad advisor for their specific program and term following their acceptance to study abroad.

Using financial aid for study abroad

If you anticipate using financial aid (including grants, scholarships, fellowships, loans, etc.) to pay for study abroad, the Office of Student Financial Aid will download the most recent study abroad budget on file. The OSFA has access to the updated budget and will notify the appropriate study abroad office of any discrepancies.

If you are going on a faculty-led trip, you must still submit a paper copy of your signed budget to OSFA the semester prior to going abroad.

The amount of financial aid that is applicable to study abroad will depend on your financial aid package. Since many variables determine how your financial aid package applies to study abroad, it is best that you consult with a financial aid advisor in OSFA to discuss your individual financial aid package.