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Undergraduate research

Study abroad

The College of LAS encourages all undergraduates to engage in meaningful research or creative inquiry experiences under the guidance of faculty or graduate student mentors.

No matter your intended destination upon graduation—employment or continued education through graduate or professional school—undergraduate research can set you up for what's next.

The undergraduate research experience will vary depending on the field and the nature of the particular project.

Why participate in undergraduate research?

  • Engage more deeply in your field of study
  • Build a close relationship with a mentor in your field
  • Cultivate crucial skills for graduate or professional school and your future career
  • Develop your communication and presentation skills

How to get started

The Illinois Office of Undergraduate Research is an excellent resource for tips on everything from finding research opportunities or a mentor to guidance on developing your presentation on your findings.

Connect to resources in your department to learn more about getting involved in research in your field:

Senior thesis submission

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