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Multiple Majors/Degrees

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers several vehicles through which students may pursue multiple majors.

Double Majors

In the course of fulfilling the degree requirements, LAS students may complete the minimum requirements for a second program of study in LAS. (Multiple majors cannot be declared across colleges.  See "Second Degrees" below.)

Some restrictions apply for double majors:

  • A course cannot count toward requirements of more than two majors.
  • If you want to complete an additional major, you must earn at least 12 hours of distinct, advanced level course work in the major discipline. [NOTE: These hours do not include supporting course work or technical electives used for the first major.] You may not double major in integrative biology and molecular and cellular biology.
  • Students completing Individual Plans of Study must receive the approval of their advisors before declaring a double major.

You can officially declare more than one major. All completed majors do appear on your transcripts.

Students in LAS's Sciences and Letters Curriculum may declare their intent to complete multiple majors in LAS during the regular periods designated for intercollegiate transfer (ICT) and curricular changes by notifying their admissions/records officer in LAS Student Academic Affairs. Secure the appropriate form, meet with an advisor in each department, and submit the completed form to the admissions/records officer during the ICT/curricular change period.

Please note that students declaring a major with a tuition differential will have this major listed as their primary major, affecting tuition billing.

Multiple majors are not available to students in Specialized Curricula.

Combined Degrees


For a number of years, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the College of Engineering have jointly sponsored a five-year program leading to a BA or BS degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences and a BS degree in a field of engineering. The program allows motivated students to combine a professional engineering education with a broad liberal arts background. Students are required to complete all the degree requirements of both colleges.

Freshmen normally apply for entrance through the College of Engineering, but students who have applied to and been accepted by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences may be able to enter the program. All students must meet the entrance requirements of both colleges. In addition, they may be required to meet the intercollegiate transfer requirements of both colleges. For further information about the program, students should consult LAS Student Academic Affairs.

Second Degrees

Second degrees in LAS, as compared with multiple majors, are available to Sciences and Letters students in special cases.

  • All students who desire a second degree in LAS must apply for admissions to second degree candidacy.
  • Students in LAS pursuing a second field in another college must apply to that college directly for a second degree.

To find out more about the second degree application process in LAS, contact Elaina Kutz.